Can I brew your one-cup coffee pod in my Keurig system?

Yes. While made for single-serve brewers our one-cup pods may also be used for K-cup systems by using a reusable K-cup filter. Simply cut the pod open and dump the grinds into the reusable K-cup filter.

Do you ship anywhere outside the US?

Yes, we can ship any order internationally. We accept credit or debit cards and all payments are done via PayPal.

Where do you sell your coffee in retail store locations?

In Hawaii, we sell our coffee bags at any Don Quijote, Walgreens, or Sam’s Club location. We are also in Longs Drugs stores (Kahala Mall Center and Ala Moana Center locations) and in military commissaries.

On the US mainland, our coffees may be purchased at Uwajimaya store locations in Oregon and Washington state.

For a complete listing, please visit our Retail Locations page.